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What is the difference between the long-term car parks P1 and P3 and how far are they from the passenger terminal?

The car parks differ according to their location with regard to the passenger terminal. The P1 car park is located only 100 m from the passenger terminal of Kaunas Airport, while the distance to P3 is 300 m. So, the P1 car park may be reached from the passenger terminal on foot in one minute, while the P3 car park may be reached in three minutes.

How does the automatic licence plate recognition system work?

Upon entering the parking lot by car a camera records its licence plate and then an automatic gate is lifted. Upon exiting the parking lot the same system applies.

Why is it better to purchase a pre-paid parking lot ticket on-line?

It is cheaper to buy online. Also you will have a guaranteed parking space.

Can I cancel my order?

If you select a service with "No cancellation" then you will not be able to change the order dates or to cancel and you will not get a refund. In this case you can only change a licence plate number. If you select a service with "Cancellation available" then you will be able to change the date, licence plate number or to cancel your order. Money paid (bank transfer fees excluded) shall be refunded within 10 working days from the receipt of the request.

Is it safe to purchase a pre-paid ticket on-line?

Yes, it is safe. All payments are performed via the specialised payment website (EVP International UAB). Money shall be transferred to the owner of the parking lot – SE Lithuanian Airports. You can pay by popular credit or debit card or by direct transfer from most of the banks.

Does the parking space numeration system apply?

Parking spaces are marked by lines and not by numbers. There are only specially designated  handicapped or limited mobility spaces. Please park your car where convenient and follow the traffic regulations.

How much time do I have to leave the airport territory after I exited the P1 parking lot? May I stop at the terminal after I exited the P1 parking lot?

After exiting the P1 parking lot you have to leave the airport territory within 10 minutes. Upon failure to do so you shall be charged at 5 EUR/h tarriff. You may not stop by the terminal. Doing so may result in a fine for the breach of traffic regulations.

How do I get a VAT invoice for parking?

If you are paying for parking on-line, please tick the box "Issue invoice under company's name" and enter the required data. After the service is provided, we will send the invoice to the specified email by the last day of the current month.

How do I find precise directions to the P1 and P3 car parks?

Accurate information on how to get to the long-term car park that you selected during booking will be provided in the booking confirmation letter.

What do I do if after selecting a date there is a message in red letters: “We apologise, but there are no free parking spaces at the car park during the selected period”?

 The message means that during the period that you selected the car parks are full and there are no free spaces. You will receive more information if you send a query to

Is it necessary to print the booking confirmation letter?

 Yes, because it contains all booking information and directions on how to drive to the booked long-term car park. If you cannot print the booking confirmation letter, we recommend writing down the booking ID number or taking a photo of it because after you arrive at the airport, it may be necessary to check the booking information.


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